Sofia E. Rovati, Director & Co-producer - born in Milan, Italy in 1991. She graduated from Goldsmith University’s Visual Arts Department in 2013 in London, with a degree in History of Art. This is her debut as a film director.

Rover Dreams Productions was created in 2014 with the intention of building a space for researching, developing and finally seeing our stories come to life.  This is our own laboratory of ideas.

What pushed us to establish this company is first of all our love for cinema, a medium through which the wildest dream can become reality. This opportunity finally crystallized last year when, through a series of absurd coincidences, we came across Giancarlo Gianazza's expedition. Through his adventure we felt the call of finding people like Giancarlo, following them along their paths in order to capture their stories and sharing them with the world. These will be stories of extraordinary journeys, of infinite discoveries undertaken by ordinary people. 

our team

TYSON JOSEPH Director of Photography
JOHNNY HO Camera Operator