Through a series of interviews with Giancarlo Gianazza and his companions that ever since the beginning encouraged him to undertake this ten

 years adventure, we investigate the reasons to believe that Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy guards a message. This

message has been handed down by the Florentine poet through a series of numerical and literal codes that appear to Gianazza as a

secret map. It is in 2004 when Gianazza, guided by the Icelander Thorarinn Thorarinsson, faces the first expedition of what can probably

be considered the most important journey of his life.


This documentary is aimed at a multi-colored audience, from aficionados of mysteries and hidden treasures to the more skeptical ones,

from the adventurers to those who instead love dreaming of unexplored worlds without having to leave the sofa. Through this journey we

will penetrate the beating heart of the expedition, living its most electrifying moments from a privileged position. Through our lenses, we

hope to capture the fleeting moments of the struggling journey the researcher has faced so far: intriguing anecdotes, moments in which all

hope was lost, the victories, the expectations, the defeats, and finally the excruciating wait. Although we are keen on informing the

audience about Gianazza’s methodology and the insights of his research, we also want to give space for the viewer to be inebriated by the

beauty of the Icelandic landscape, its vastness and purity as well as its surprising resemblance to the scenery of the three books of The

Divine Comedy (Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise).


It is through the extraordinary story of a researcher by chance, that this documentary will

reveal the most determined and courageous aspect of the human spirit, the constant fight for the defense of one’s own ideals, the

importance of friendship and solidarity and finally, the love for adventure and discovery, wherever this might lead to.