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the story



the story

Through a series of interviews with Giancarlo Gianazza and his companions that ever since the beginning encouraged him to undertake this ten

 years adventure, we investigate the reasons to believe that Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy guards a message. This

message has been handed down by the Florentine poet through a series of numerical and literal codes that appear to Gianazza as a

secret map. It is in 2004 when Gianazza, guided by the Icelander Thorarinn Thorarinsson, faces the first expedition of what can probably

be considered the most important journey of his life.


This documentary is aimed at a multi-colored audience, from aficionados of mysteries and hidden treasures to the more skeptical ones,

from the adventurers to those who instead love dreaming of unexplored worlds without having to leave the sofa. Through this journey we

will penetrate the beating heart of the expedition, living its most electrifying moments from a privileged position. Through our lenses, we

hope to capture the fleeting moments of the struggling journey the researcher has faced so far: intriguing anecdotes, moments in which all

hope was lost, the victories, the expectations, the defeats, and finally the excruciating wait. Although we are keen on informing the

audience about Gianazza’s methodology and the insights of his research, we also want to give space for the viewer to be inebriated by the

beauty of the Icelandic landscape, its vastness and purity as well as its surprising resemblance to the scenery of the three books of The

Divine Comedy (Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise).


It is through the extraordinary story of a researcher by chance, that this documentary will

reveal the most determined and courageous aspect of the human spirit, the constant fight for the defense of one’s own ideals, the

importance of friendship and solidarity and finally, the love for adventure and discovery, wherever this might lead to.


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the fellowship


the fellowship


[ the researcher ]

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Name: Giancarlo Gianazza

Star sign:  Sagittarius          

Profession: "Bachelor in Engineering, worked in the computer industry. Now full time Researcher."

N° of years in the expedition: "12 years"

Meaning of the adventure: “To search for what is hidden at the site, and encoded in the verses of Dante’s Divine Comedy.”




[ the architect ]

Name: Thórarinn Thórarinsson

Star sign: Scorpio

Profession:I am an architect, B.Arch.”

N° of years in the expedition:Soon after Giancarlo contacted the Icelandic Ministry of Culture in Milano in early 2004, I met the man he spoke to, Þorgeir Ólafsson, who he asked me to contact Giancarlo and help him if I could.  So I have been involved in this work for now 10 years.”


Role: “I have been Giancarlo’s contact man in Iceland and have looked after necessary arrangements in preparation for most of the expeditions. I contacted officials to get necessary permissions and tried to find local scientific and technical help we needed at the site. I have also been his informant regarding historical, geological and other local facts. We speculated about the outcome of our work and about the next steps to take when it was in my power to do so.”

Meaning of the adventure: “If there is infinity, which I strongly believe there is, there is nothing outside of it. Everything is included. I think here is only one thing that can possibly fill infinity, Our mind. Everything there is one infinite living, thinking, loving and creative Mind which cares infinitely about its creation, the living Universe and everything inter woven within it.

So everything that happens is related to the will of this infinite Mind. Something relate more profoundly than others. It is impossible for us small humans to read this infinite mind. We can only do what our conscience and our reason tells us and we think is right thing to do and hope it is somehow related to the will of the infinite Mind we call God. I have form early on had a strong feeling there is meaning and a will behind what we are trying to do.”

[ the flute player ]

Name: David C. Heath

Star sign: Scorpio

Profession:Composer and flute player.”

N° of years in the expedition:  Two years with Giancarlo and 9 years with the psychic that led me to Giancarlo.”

Role:To use my own research and psychic ability to help Giancarlo’s team.”

Meaning of the adventure:I believe that there are documents buried in Iceland which will dramatically alter peoples understanding of Christianity and the true nature of reality, and that if we can find them, a new understanding of what's really going on will hopefully, over time, change the world for the better.”


[ the archaeologist ]

Name: Hansjörg Thaler

Star sign:  Sagittarius

Profession:I’m an archaeologist.”

N° of years in the expedition: “First year.”

Role:I am the coordinator of the archaeological project for this year and perhaps in the expeditions to come.”

Meaning of the adventure: “As previously agreed with Giancarlo we decided that I would coordinate the expedition at the archaeological site. Being this the first time I participated in their ten-year research, I called the best specialists in the field I could.

The conditions in Iceland are quite difficult, not only because of the climate, but also because of the environment in which participants from differnt cultures need to coexist. This due to the very different languages as well as the different scientific backgrounds and methodology used. All adding up to a a particular way of living in conditions of isolation, that inevitably cause tension. To overcome these difficulties was no easy task, especially considering that there are several “prima donnas” in this field.  Almost all participants are used to these working conditions, and it is often possible to witness these dynamics, which are nonetheless not to be overestimated.

The Icelandic landscape is simply stunning and the kindness and calmness of their inhabitants, almost proverbialThe scientific results are evident. Although, we must wait for them to be processed in order to have any certainty and before giving any answer. The overall experience, has been beautiful in itself, interesting and fascinating, and I think everyone would want to live it again.”


[ the geologist ]

Name: Mario Ferguglia

Star sign: Aries

Profession:I’m a geologist, associated to the Order of the geologists of Piedmont, n°481.  Sole administrator of a business of geological and geophysical services (RADAR Geoservices s.a.s. ,, which some time ago was very active but now, with the crisis, slowed down.”

N° of years in the expedition:I have participated in six expeditions in total, starting in 2006, except for the years 2007, 2008 and 2011. Giancarlo contacted me for the first time in the early months of 2005.

Role:Giancarlo first contacted me because he needed my georadar services for the first official survey. At the time, I only had available a 500 MHz antenna, which is able to read only a few meters in depth and, thus, was insufficient for the purpose. During the first expedition, we had material supplied by Morelli, an engineer from Livorno, Tuscany. We also used a surveying technique that, thanks to European Funds, we developed together in 1995-97, the Electric Resisting Tomography.

From then on, after buying a second antenna of 250 MHz, I have done all the surveys exclusively with my georadar. At the same time, I made several purely geological excavations and surveys, in order to understand the evolution of the area over the last few thousand years, to prove Giancarlo’s theory... Although I have not been given any official post, I think that has been my role in the expeditions.”

Meaning of the Adventure: "This is rather too complicated to explain: it means to take part in an adventure. I am not in a position to judge the validity of Giancarlo's research and I refrain from doing so. I hope that his interpretations are right. In any case, it is about living the experience. Excavating on such peculiar site led me to study the geology of Iceland. Over the past then years, I have become quite an expert of this area. Thanks to this, I was instructed by the ESA, the European Space Agency, to study the planet Mars and work on a project to construct a model of the Martian soil on which to test various vehicles, in Turin...I used pictures of the planet Mars from NASA and personal photos from Iceland, challenging the distinction from one another. 

These days, I am studying the area, in my spare time, in order to write a kind of memoir on various aspect of geological and morphological features of the site, that I believe I have been able to interpret. However, lately I've been busy thinking about the evolution of a possible eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano, that could occur in the days to come. I am checking the daily seismic activity and webcams scattered around the volcano. What a fascinating land!

Not to mention the fact that, thanks to Giancarlo, I met amazing people like Thorarinn, Geir, Vigfus, Gisli and many others."


[ the host ]

Name: Geir Magnusson

Star sign: Gemini

Profession:I really don't have any "profession". I have a degree in business from the Business School of the University of Iceland. I emigrated to the States in 1960. I was sent by a company in Iceland that exported frozen seafood all over the world. I started there as an accountant in their factory in Maryland. Later transferred to the NY headquarters where I became the traffic manager. later office manage and vice-president. Left in 1975 and took over a company importing woolen goods from Iceland. Hired year later to take over a company in Pennsylvania, also in the seafood business. Left in 1988. Bought some car washes in 1978, as an investment. Took over the running of them upon leaving the seafood company. Enjoy all things mechanical; do my own plumbing and electrical work.”

N° of years in the expedition: “Six.”

Role:I am what a magazine writer called "logistic". Carrying batteries and equipment, rolling up and unrolling cables, whatever needed done. Also a "gofer" (this is an American slang, means someone who "goes for".) Ordering the lunches, suggesting menu items for diner, finding wooden pegs for the strings when we marked off areas for the ground-radar guys, etc. my hand massage is not part of my duties.”

Meaning of the adventure:I love this search. I admire Giancarlo and his conviction that he is on the right track. I believe him and our old Sagas support the theory that Knights Templars came to Iceland. To Giancarlo’s skeptics I say: Look at Dr.Schliemann, who found the ancient Troy. He was ridiculed and doubted for a long time but he proved his critics wrong. I am convinced that we will find something the proves that Giancarlo was right the whole time."


[ the drivers ]

Name: Vigfus Magnusson

Star sign: Gemini

Profession:I am a retired physician (general practitioner and later psychiatrist).”

N° of years in the expedition: “Nine.”

Role:I have been a driver for Giancarlo and his team. My physical strength has limited my role to that of a driver.”

Meaning of the adventure:This adventure has been quite an experience. I think it remarkable that Giancarlo has been able to find his way up in the wilderness of Iceland and locate there many points just by studying the Comedy and renaissance paintings. I gather that Italians who are familiar with Dante's poem agree with Giancarlo about the site when they observe it themselves. I am inclined to agree with fellows like Giancarlo who have the gift of seeing things from other angle than most other people.”

Name: Gisli Ólafur Pétursson

Star sign: Aries

Profession:Teacher in mathematics, psychology and in programming and using computers.” 

N° of years in the expedition: “Ten.”       

Role: “Driver.”

Meaning of the adventure:InterestingLook up at the DanteInIceland, part of my website:".



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Divine Comedy

The Love which moves the sun and the other stars





Divine Comedy

The Love which moves the sun and the other stars